Gregg Wylde set to leave Rangers amid cost-cutting


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Kyle Bartley left Rangers' training ground this afternoon saying talks over the players' futures remained ongoing.

The on-loan Arsenal defender does not expect a final decision to be made on potential redundancies today after further talks with the club's administrators.

Yesterday Duff and Phelps revealed in a statement that it had not been possible to reach a consensus where players could accept the necessary level of wage cuts to prevent job losses within the squad.

The players asked the administrators to consider a final proposal overnight for discussion this morning.

Bartley said today: "Talks are still ongoing but I've just decided to go home and come back tomorrow and see what happens.

"No decisions have been made yet. We just have to wait and see."

Asked if he was expecting a final decision today, the centre half said: "I don't think so."

Bartley was then asked what the mood was like inside Murray Park and replied: "Not great."

Gregg Wylde arrived at Rangers' Murray Park training ground earlier amid reports the midfielder has become the first player to leave the club as part of the administration process.

The 20-year-old, who has made 47 appearances for the club, is among five players who have reportedly agreed to leave the club without taking any redundancy package.

"I wanted to help out the club by keeping people in a job," Wylde told STV.

Asked about the gesture made by his young team mate, Bartley told media waiting outside the Milngavie complex: "It's fantastic."

The defender then told Sky Sports News: "All the players who will be taking wage cuts or leaving will be saving people's jobs.

"I don't think anyone who is still at the club wants to leave but it is a situation where some may have to leave to benefit the club.

"My parent club is Arsenal. It was said I'd go back if there were cuts but nothing has been decided yet. I am still a Rangers player for this season as it stands.

"It is a shame that such a big club has come to such a crisis. It is a very sad time for Rangers."