Motherwell players angry at being cast adrift

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The former Motherwell defender Greg Strong has launched a scathing attack on the club's chairman, John Boyle, and the administrator Bryan Jackson after discovering that any hope of compensation for the group of players made redundant by the club looks unlikely.

The 26-year-old Strong was one of 19 players laid-off by the Lanarkshire club on Monday. But he has revealed that the players were informed of the news by a number of "young girls" who were unable to answer their questions.

"It was all done very unprofessionally," Strong said. "If they want to do it this way then fine, but whoever the top man is he should give a reason. To put us in with these young girls who didn't have any answers was ridiculous."

Strong's mood was made all the worse after discovering that he and the rest of the sacked players have little chance of taking any legal action to gain compensation from the club.

Strong explained: "We've been in meetings with the players' union and discussed what action we can take, but when the club's in administration you are powerless to do anything. That's why they can come in and rip contracts up because they know there is no punishment."

Kevin Twaddle, Mark Brown, Stephen Cosgrove, Eddie Forest, Roberto Martinez, Brian Macdonald, Karl Ready and Andy Dow were also made redundant, along with 10 other players who were released early from contracts which were due to expire before or at the end of the current season.

Plans for the two Dundee clubs to share a new stadium have taken a step closer to becoming reality. Dundee City Council has confirmed outline planning permission is to be granted for a 30,000-seater new stadium at Caird Park.

The result of the abandoned match between Ayr United and Airdrie is to stand, the Scottish Football League has confirmed. Saturday's game at Somerset Park lasted just 21 minutes after a group of Airdrie fans invaded the pitch and broke the crossbar as soon as the home side took the lead.

The invasion had been planned as a protest against the Ayr chairman Bill Barr's involvement in negotiations to take Airdrie out of administration, which have left the club still on the brink of closure.