Nasmith never in doubt over wage cut


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Steven Naismith claims he and his Rangers team-mates were always willing to give up pay but held out on a deal to ensure there would be no redundancies.

Rangers administrators last night announced the squad had all agreed cuts of up to 75 per cent to prevent redundancies among staff at Murray Park and Ibrox.

Naismith was one of about half a dozen players who would not agree on the finer points of a deal on Tuesday night, but he was one of the first to sign after negotiating the assurances the players wanted.

The 25-year-old told the Scottish Sun: "We, as players, want to secure as many jobs as possible, not just within the playing staff, but throughout the whole club.

"We've been willing to accept cuts from the off. That's always been the case.

"We knew for the club to move forward we needed to pull together and do that.

"I've been one who's come in for criticism. Well, if I'm getting criticised for looking out for the best interests of the players, the staff, potentially the fans too, by saving the club, then bring it on.

"It's totally false to say we've been deal-breakers. It's not nice when people are jumping to conclusions when they don't know the full facts.

"I've followed the team all my life, they're my team. The club means a lot to me. I've only ever wanted what's best for its future.

"There have been long, late shifts trying to get a deal done, but that shows the commitment of everyone involved to try and get something sorted."