No agreement reached on Rangers joining First Division


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The Scottish Football League have said they have not reached agreement with any other footballing body over newco Rangers playing in the Irn-Bru First Division.

The SFL were responding to reports that plans are being put in place that would see the Ibrox club relegated from the Scottish Premier League to the First Division with immediate effect.

Charles Green's new company is unlikely to gain enough support for entry to the top flight when the 12 SPL clubs meet on July 4 the vote on the issue.

A statement from the SFL read: "The Scottish Football League can confirm that no agreement has been reached between the SFL and any other body regarding the position of Rangers Newco in the First Division.

"Consultation will continue to take place, primarily with our clubs, as previously advised."

Six SPL clubs have already publicly stated they will oppose the Rangers bid at next week's vote. An 8-4 majority is required.

As a result, Green could face the prospect of relaunching the club in the Third Division, although a less severe drop to the First Division has also been touted.

Reports also suggest there are plans for the SPL and SFL to merge into a new organisation in 12 months' time, with play-offs between the top two divisions being introduced in time for the coming season.

SFL chief executive David Longmuir said in a statement: "The Scottish Football League, for the last number of days, has been involved in intensive discussions with the Scottish Premier League, the Scottish Football Association and other crucial stakeholders in our game, to try and address, in a positive way, the current critical issues affecting our game.

"The Scottish Football League will today send a briefing document to its member clubs - a logical and positive communication which will hopefully eliminate some of the understandable doubt, threats and insecurities that are apparent within the game at the moment.

"The consultation document will fully explain the short and long-term benefits of a number of scenarios which we will be considering at a full club meeting next week.

"The Scottish Football League is trying to address the question of whether we are in a position to accommodate a solution to the Rangers FC scenario.

"We are trying to achieve a solution which will be in the best interests of the Scottish Football League and the wider game."