PFA Scotland urge SFA to intervene at Hearts


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PFA Scotland have urged the Scottish Premier League and Scottish Football Association to intervene over the continual non-payment of players' salaries at Hearts.

Hearts' first-team squad are awaiting delayed payment of their wages for the second successive month and no indication of a date for payment is forthcoming from the club.

Wages are due on the 16th of each month, but October's salary was received on November 4 and last month's salary remains outstanding.

PFA Scotland chief executive Fraser Wishart is losing patience with Hearts and has demanded the governing bodies find a resolution.

In a statement on the union's official website,, Wishart said: "The players have been exemplary in their professionalism. The current situation, however, is unacceptable and cannot continue.

"The expectation is that our members simply continue to turn up for training and games as normal without any sign of being paid.

"It is to their credit that they have done so in recent months and, rather than being weak, this takes strength and shows a care for the future of the club.

"There is, however, a growing anger, frustration and a feeling of isolation amongst the players.

"Our members ask for the governing bodies to intervene and help resolve this matter. "The governing bodies have an obligation to the integrity of the game in this country and it is imperative that from this aspect our members are paid.

"Players sign standard contracts which are registered with the governing bodies.

"As part of this contract players also have to adhere to the registration processes put in place by the governing bodies.

"The governing bodies also adjudicate upon any disputes and are responsible.

"There is therefore a care of duty to ensure that these very contracts are being honoured."