Guti would welcome arrival of Ronaldo as Real player

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The Real Madrid playmaker Guti insists the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo would not disrupt team spirit. The Manchester United winger has been linked with a move and would likely be one of the highest earners at the Bernabeu. The Real captain Raul had rejected suggestions last week from Wesley Sneijder that Ronaldo's arrival and wage packet would upset the harmony of the squad, and Guti has followed suit.

"Real Madrid need good players and Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player you can bring in right now," Guti said. "We would be delighted to have him. He wouldn't upset the good atmosphere, and anyway people tell me he's a great person and a good team player. Everyone works to earn as much as they can get and if he's one of the best players in the world, he should earn more.

"Maybe he won't win you the Champions League on his own, but he's very tricky and he'll win you games. With players like that you've always got chances to win plenty of titles."

Guti would also welcome the Barcelona forward Samuel Eto'o back if a move is sealed, although it would be a controversial move for a player who left on a sour note in 2000. "He's one of the greats of football," Guti said. "If he comes, he'll bring a lot to the side and Real Madrid always sign great players."