Harry Redknapp 'attacked by a gazebo' on transfer deadline day

Redknapp admits he 'will stick to doing it from my car'

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Harry Redknapp has become one of the great attractions of transfer deadline day.

As much as the countdown clock, wild transfer rumours, "sources", Jim White's over-enthusiasm, yellow ties and looking up players you've never heard of before, the former West Ham, Portsmouth, Southampton, Tottenham and Queens Park Rangers manager is always a must-see.

Not only is he usually involved in multiple rumours (just don't call him a wheeler-dealer), he was always happy to speak at length about various players his club may or may not have been interested in... usually with an arm hanging out of the window of his car.

But with Redknapp out of work for the first time since the early 90s, it appeared that football fans would be without the transfer sage.


Speaking to Kicca, Redknapp did a series of video interviews where he gave his opinion on potential moves for Chelsea, Tottenham, West Ham and others.

Bog standard, if interesting fare, before a pair of big green gazebos got involved...