Morgan Schneiderlin to Manchester United: Ex-France coach Raymond Domenech recommends Old Trafford move for Southampton midfielder

But only until a better move becomes available

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Former France coach Raymond Domenech has urged Morgan Schneiderlin to leave Southampton to join Manchester United this summer.

Domenech, who managed France for six years between 2004 and 2010, says that a move to Old Trafford would help the 25-year-old's international career, with Euro 2016 in his native France on the horizon.

"For him, [United] is a good move," Domenech told reporters.

"If he wants to be with the French national team, then he has to be in this Champions League - but if he stays at Southampton, no luck."

Domenech, however, believes that there are still better options for the player.


"Manchester United is a good move for him," he continued. "United are better than Southampton, sure, but it's not [Manchester] City, it's not Chelsea. For him, the first thing is to leave Southampton.

Former France coach Raymond Domenech

"After, if he gets a team just behind the three big teams, it's good. Maybe after, he'll come through. He is good enough for the Champions League."