Foreman may retire

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George Foreman, the oldest heavyweight champion in history, said in Oslo yesterday that he may retire from the ring after his title fight against the German Axel Schulz in April.

Foreman, 46, also said he hoped to settle a dispute with the World Boxing Association over his planned match against Schulz, who is 20 years his junior.

"There is a chance that I'd wait around for Mike Tyson to get out and get himself back into shape," Foreman said during a promotional trip to Norway.

"But, if he doesn't, probably the fight with Axel Schulz could be my last match. I got things to do. I just can't hang around and box too long."

Tyson, a former heavyweight champion, is eligible to be released on parole in May from an Indiana prison where he is serving a six-year term for a 1992 rape conviction.

"Let's hope he stays in [jail] a while," Foreman quipped. "We'll all be safe."

Foreman, who holds both the WBA and International Boxing Federation versions of the title, looks in danger of losing his WBA belt for fighting the lowly rated German instead of its highest-ranked available contender.

"The IBF has already decided to sanction the fight with Axel Schulz," Foreman said. "I heard there was some misunderstanding [with the WBA] and I haven't gotten it all straightened out. I think it will be worked out. I just haven't had time."

Foreman said he did not worry about brain damage: "Anybody going into already got brain damage."