Foster eligible for trials

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Mark Foster, the former world 50 metres freestyle short-course champion, can compete in Britain's Olympic trials in Shef- field next month despite a three-month ban for failing a drug test.

The 25-year-old tested positive for cannabis at a meeting in July as a member of the French club, Cannes. But French and international officials said yesterday the ban - from 26 January to 26 April - applies only to meetings in France.

Gunnar Werner, secretary of swimming's world governing body, Fina, pointed out that Fina do not list cannabis among their banned substances. Foster has always maintained that he passively inhaled the small amount of cannabis involved.

Dave Haller, Foster's City of Cardiff coach, said: "We are pleased this is out of the way because it's been dragging on. Mark will be a different person now he has got this off his back."