Fry in a stir

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What is the highest number of debuts given by a football club in a competitive match, for the opening game of the season - often the scene of multiple new faces - and during the campaign itself?

A. It will come as no surprise that the man responsible for the most League debuts in one mid-season game recently was Barry Fry. As manager of Birmingham City last season, he reacted to a 4-1 defeat by naming five new players in the 14 that drew 2-2 with Leicester City on 26 November, giving debuts to all of them.

They were the "big" signing, Kevin Francis, the on-loan David Preece and Danny Hill, plus the substitutes, Kenny Lowe and Dan Sahlin, neither of whom had started a game under Fry.

Fry gave debuts to four more on 17 February and a further three on two other occasions. It is little wonder that the Blues fell from 3rd to 13th in all this turmoil. - Warren Joyce, Sheffield.


Q. I am a student at Manchester University, studying physical education and sports development. As part of my course, I have to research some of the more obscure sports. Can anyone supply me with the nationality of the polo team called Moronze de la Turf? - Lee Bruthrany, Didsbury

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