Gaudenzi loses his cool

Court circular
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Italy's Andrea Gaudenzi took just a few hours to record the first fine at Wimbledon as he advanced to the second round for the first time yesterday.

Gaudenzi, the Italian No 1, was fined pounds 1,000 by the tournament referee, Alan Mills, after his five-set victory over the American Michael Joyce. The umpire in the match, Andreas Egli, reported that Gaudenzi swore when he passed under the chair because he thought he heard a let.

'"Not addressing anybody, not looking at anybody', he said: 'That was bloody useless, go and fuck yourself','' Egli said in the report. Mills added that the fine is being deducted by the tournament from the player's prize-money and his being forwarded to the Grand Slam Development Fund.

The incident may well have inspired Gaudenzi because after it he managed to lose just four more games, picking up two sets and taking the match. The player now has 10 days from the last day of the tournament or until 18 July 1996 within which to file a written appeal of the fine.