British hurdler Andy Turner finds his house burgled and car stolen after returning from his mother's funeral

The horrible news comes just days after Turner lost his National Lottery funding an he admits it's the “worst possible end to the worst eight days of my life”

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British hurdler Andy Turner has admitted he was “absolutely devastated” after he discovered that his house had been burgled and car stolen having returned from his mother’s funeral on Thursday night.

Turner, who won bronze at the 2011 World Championships, attended the cremation of his mother Yvonne in Hucknall, Nottingham, yesterday when he returned to his house to discover the break in.

The athlete immediately sent out an appeal via his Twitter account in an attempt to catch the thieves and retrieve his possessions.

“Please help. My mum’s funeral today. Whilst at the function, we were burgled and everything was stolen, including my car, laptop, phone plus loads of other stuff,” the tweet read.

He added in further posts: “Can’t believe these people could do this on a day like today. Please help catch them. Please RT this and get these people caught.

“This happened in Hucknall in Nottingham around 8pm tonight. Please help if u (sic) see a White Range Rover Sport or Mac. Please phone the police.

“Absolutely devastated. It’s hard enough having to bury your mum but to be burgled the same day and have your prize possessions stolen. Gutted.”

Turner, whose best year came in 2010 when he secured the European 110m hurdles gold medal in Barcelona along with the Commonwealth Games crown, admitted it was the “worst possible end to the worst eight days of my life” following the sudden death of his 58-year-old mother.

Her passing came just after Turner was informed that his National Lottery funding had been cut following a poor season that saw him fail to qualify for the World Championships in Moscow in August.

His appeal on Twitter drew a number of responses, including messages of support from his fellow athletes.

Perri Shakes-Drayton, who won two gold medals at the European Indoor Championships in Gothenburg earlier this year said the news was “shocking”, long distance runner and 2011 world 1500m silver medallist Hannah England replied: “Hope they get caught and you get your stuff back. Rough day for you.”