Barrington's Gloves Off packs hefty punch

Veteran yachtsman narrowly escapes disaster while Irishman has happier Cowes experience in clinching blue-riband class one victory
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The Irish were smiling in the high street bars here last night after a successful foray in the sun and fresh racing breeze of the regatta's second day. But there were also a few glum faces as a highly respected 83-year-old narrowly escaped being sunk and one high-profile yacht parked itself on the rocks in front of the Royal Yacht Squadron.

The Irish were smiling in the high street bars here last night after a successful foray in the sun and fresh racing breeze of the regatta's second day. But there were also a few glum faces as a highly respected 83-year-old narrowly escaped being sunk and one high-profile yacht parked itself on the rocks in front of the Royal Yacht Squadron.

Pat Dyas, admiral of the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club, a squadron member and a former chairman of the Royal Yachting Association, could do nothing as his Dragon, Jerboa III, was in collision with a motor sailor, bringing the mast crashing down, breaking several frames, and catapulting a crewman, Richard Vass, overboard.

"The impact on the boat was quite shocking," said the second crew, Gavia Wilkinson-Cox. "Pat and I took green water over our heads. Richard managed to swim back. The boat is now at Lallow's yard, but it may be a write-off. We need to get in touch with the people who hit us."

The fellow with the biggest grin was Colm Barrington, an investment banker from Dublin, whose new Corby 39, Gloves Off, won the Glazebrook Challenge Cup for the two big boat classes, which have been combined.

"We got a very good start and even led on the water for a while, despite being the smallest boat in the class," he said. "We had a few problems when we went too far into the island shore, but we recovered and plugged along for the rest of the day. It was a fast beat with the tide under us and we had very good downwind speed, which allowed us to keep up with our rivals. Then we had a freshening breeze to carry us all home - I think I saw 23 knots at one stage."

He beat another Corby design carrying the colours of Barlo Plastics with fellow-countryman Harold Cudmore calling the tactics, though they were only four seconds ahead of the opening day's winner of the Queen's Cup, Tony Mack, the East Grinstead man sailing his new Beneteau 47.7, McFly.

The boat on the rocks was a brand new Reflex 38 called EuroBenefits, with its locally-based designer Christian Stimson on board. Watched by the crowds on the Promenade, it was dragged off and went home with its tail between its legs.

A dozen of the X One Designs which, with 75 entries, is the biggest class at Cowes, made a pickle of their start. The first attempt failed because so many boats were over the line the race officer signalled a general recall. Then in the midst of trying to restart, a Red Funnel ferry from Southampton came crabbing across the whole fleet and a last-minute postponement was called.

The third attempt, however, required a full 10-minute sequence, but some of the competitors thought it was five, ignoring the flag signals ashore. Off they charged and those with the best start found themselves with the greatest distance to claw their way back against a tide that was trying to sluice them westwards at more than two knots. The late start meant a shortened course; Stuart Jardine made no mistake in winning.

Celebrating in Calvi on the island of Corsica were both British teams in the Tour de France à la Voile. The runaway winners were Adrian Stead and some of Britain's best on Barlo Plastics while Tony Buckingham's Easy Oars snatched third place on a tie-breaker countback.

"We are really pleased to see that all our planning and preparation has worked. It's fantastic," said Stead, adding, "It was incredibly tough. I didn't realise we were going to be so tired."

The Barlo squad, which included Stuart Childerley, Ian Walker, Andy Hemmings James Stagg and Peter Morton, hammered their nearest rivals, Alain Fédensieu in Marseille 2000, by 80 points, won six of the 23 races which took the 34 Mumm 30s 1,000 miles from Dieppe to Corsica, and had 15 top-three finishes.

Fédensieu was disappointed: "Stead's team was a step above us," he said. "We wanted to win but they were stronger and deserved to win."

Easy Oars scored the same number of points as fourth-placed Jimmy Pahun in Region Ile de France, but their three race wins clinched a place on the podium.


SKANDIA LIFE COWES WEEK (Isle of Wight): (Saturday) Class 1 IRC: 1 Mcfly (T Mack) 04.31.17; 2 Gloves Off (C Barrington) 04.32.20; 3 Maverick 11 (R Hodgson) 04.33.56. Class 2 IRC: 1 Forward Thinking (C Stimson & K McCullough) 03.51.51; 2 Flamboyant (C Jago) 03.52.56; 3 Jacobite (S James) 03.53.38. Class 4 IRC: 1 Zeal (B Fisher) 03.16.22; 2 Converting Machine 9 (D Cummarford) 03.20.26; 3 The Geek (J Lord & G Payne) 03.23.16. Class 4 IRC: 1 Enzo (E V Balvers) 02.57.08; 2 Software Mistress (I Maclean) 03.04.25; 3 Prime Cut (P Parker) 03.05.13. Class 5 IRC: 1 Hobby Horse (M Fawcett) 02.53.47; 2 Jimmy Cricket (M Harrison) 02.53.55; 3 Simplicity (R Fitzwilliams) 02.58.02. Class 6 IRC: 1 Tsunami (R&L Swinney) 02.33.19; 2 Abstension (K Downer) 02.33.55; 3 Purple Haze (J&J Dudley) 02.34.40. Class Seven ISC: 1 Antidote (A Lenz) 02.54.10; 2 Adastra (B Tabor) 03.02.31; 3 Conteza (D Kirkley) 03.03.46. Class 7 ISC Cruiser: 1 Antidote (A Lenz) 02.54.10; 2 Conteza (D Kirkley) 03.03.46; 3 Hotwath of Hamble (D Clementi) 03.08.15. Class 8 ISC: 1 5 More Tarts (Warash) 02.17.41; 2 Lady In Red (R Peperall) 02.22.31; 3 Murena (Liddell & Bradford) 02.22.32. Class 8 ISC Cruiser: 1 Murena (Liddell & Bradford); 2 Anjajo (Johnson) 02.26.50; 3 Verity Of Cowes (Hetherington) 02.29.34. Class 9 SBR: 1 Cow's Rig (R&J Stevenson) 02.23.06; 2 Chaotic (D&T Pearce) 02.25.36; 3 F'eightal Attraction (Freemantle) 02.26.03. Class 10 IRC BOWSPRINT: 1 J-GO (J Taylor) 03.17.55; 2 Moose on the Loose (D Money & M Gutteridge) 03.23.02; 3 Wings On The Wind (A McIrvine & S Thorpe) 03.23.29. Class 11 IRM: 1 Wolf (G Williams & K Sproul) 04.03.48; 2 Yes! (A Gosling) 04.04.49; 3 Alliance & Leicester (G Sundrland) 04.05.10. Prima 38: 1 Diva (K Trench OBE) 03.35.32; 2 White Knuckles 11 (J Bainbridge) 03.38.28; 3 Born Slippy 2 (J Bates) 03.42.06. Sigma 38: 1 Longbow (Sgt S Smith,ASA) 03.23.48; 2 Serendip (P King) 03.27.26; 3 Polyphagus (S Porter) 03.28.38. Sigma 36: 1 Sunsail 6 (MDM Citroen) 02.51.22; 2 Sunsail 21 (Pennant 9 Yacht club) 02.53.42; 3 Sunsail 40 (Marks & Spencer PLC) 02.53.49. Hod 35: 1 Zarafa (P Scholfield) 03.43.58; 2 Comedy Of Errors (A Wardrop) 03.45.13; 3 Andersen Consulting (Andersen Consulting) 03.51.54. Sigma 33: 1 Lucky Ducky (K Diederichs) 03.12.45; 2 Jazz (I Smyth) 03.13.173; 3 Disco Inferno (M Abbissi) 03.14.09. Contessa 32: 1 Blanco (R Rouse) 03.00.14; 2 Merak 11 (N Bradley) 03.01.18; 3 Gualin (D & M Parson) 03.03.46. Mumm 30: 1 Finn McCouls 11 (JH Nesbitt & J Money) 02.27.05; 2 Asterix (L Browne & D Evans) 02.27.40; 3 Mad Cow Hyde (D Baker) 02.27.49. X-332 Yachts: 1 Xplorer (I Dawson) 03.26.37; 2 Yellow Rose (M J Ringers) 03.28.32; 3 Hoodlum (P Jones) 03.38.47. International Melges 24: 1 Team Woolwich (Coleridge) 02.47.30; 2 The Black Pig (M Bilbo & F Haines) 02.49.35; 3 Viagra (M Glaister) 02.51.45. Hunter 707: 1 Charlie Fish 03.27.33; 2 Doh! (A Aldwinckle) 03.29.18; 3 Star-Born (P Dickson) 03.30.16. National Sonata: 1 Melody (D McDonald) 02.05.49; 2 Tiger Rag (S Woodward) 02.08.38. Sonar: 1 Periscope (D Franzell) 01.51.05; 2 Biscuit (A Cassell & B Harding) 01.51.27. Daring: 1 Damsel (R Acland & S Jenkins); 2 Division Belle (C Hill, B Green,M Sillars & MGrylls) 02.31.05. International Etchells: 1 Fuzzy Duck IV (M Woodman, Proudlove & Ford) 02.22.48; 2 Golden Beaver (G Hardwick) 02.23.19. International Dragon: 1 Chaotic (E Williams) 02.39.04; 2 Apalala (C Caws, C Field, R & N Payne) 02.39.46. National Swallow: 1 Echo (C Hindson) 02.14.431; 2 Migrant (C Fisher) 02.19.13. Redwing: 1 Quail (Peel) 02.43.48); 2 Siskin (T M D Scott) 02.44.02. Solent Sunbeam: 1 Daisy (M Moss & M Law) 02.25.52; 2 Danny ( R Wickens) 02.26.19. Seaview Mermaid: 1 Sirena (W Caws & J Betchley) 02.13.06; 2 Miranda (J Sandiford-Haigh) 02.13.53. International Flying Fifteen: 1 Hoof Hearted (R & J Mander) 01.46.57; 2 Saffina (R Palmer) 01.47.1. National Squib: 1 Buccaneer (P Donaldson & R Cheek) 02.17.20; 2 Firecracker TOO (A Porteous)02.18.00. Victory: 1 Zinnia (J Tremlett, J Lear & A Rawdon) 01.44.55; 2 Steadfast (B Middleditch & P Cott) 01.45.23.

(Yesterday) Class 1 IRC: 1 C Barrington (Gloves Off); 2 R Matthews (Barlo Plastics); 3 T Mack (McFly). Class 2 IRC: 1 S James (Jacobite); 2 C Jago (Flamboyant); 3 G Deegan (Menenes). Class 3 IRC: 1 D Cummaford (Converting Machine 9); 2 Triple 'A' Marine, Cowes (J MacGregor); (Triple A With Flair); 3 B Fisher (Zeal). Class 4 IRC: 1 P Parker (Prime Cut); 2 P & Flavia Bateson (Starspray); 3 P Clark & S Briscoe (Escapade). Class 5 IRC: 1 A Hind (White Mischief); 2 P E Smith (Scorpion); 3 M Harrison (Jiminy Cricket). Class 6 IRC: 1 P Stables & N Hunter (Google Eye); 2 J & J Dudley (Purple Haze); 3 B, M & C Aston (Floater). Class 7 ISC: 1 A Lenz (Antidote); 2 T Rowe (Drakes Drum); 3 Tony Wyeth (Ocean Venture). Class 7 ISC Cruiser: 1 A Lenz (Antidote); 2 T Wyeth (Ocean Venture); 3 Dr D W Kirkley (Conteza). Class 8 ISC: 1 F Hetherington (Verity Of Cowes); 2 R Peperell (Lady In Red); 3 J Morris, Royal Navy (Tiggy). Class 8 ISC Cruiser: 1 F Hetherington (Verity Of Cowes); 2 J Morris, Royal Navy (Tiggy); 3 T Kiddle (Step In Time). Class 9 SBR: 1 S Fein (Full Pelt/Slam); 2 D Wilkinson & P Edwards (Holy Mackerel); 3 G Gibbons (E1 Business/Penguin). Class 10 IRC Bowsprit: 1 J Taylor (J-Go); 2 M C & P Heys (Jubilation); 3 T Gabriel & S Lucas (Moontiger III). Class 11 IRM: 1 G Williams & K Sproul (Wolf); 2 P Tolhurst (Warlord VI); 3 G Sunderland (Alliance & Leicester). Prima 38: 1 K Trench OBE (Diva); 2 A Richards (Reet Petite); 3 J Bates (Born Slippy 2). Sigma 38: 1 Sqn Ldr I Smith (Red Arrow); 2 J Rainger & R Denning (Light); 3 P King (Serendip). Sunfast 36: 1 Airsys ATM (I Braham) (Airsys Atm); 2 Pennant 9 Yacht Club Vaal Dam, Johanesburg (R Packman) (Sunsail 21); 3 Zurich/Eagle Star (D Mossman) (Sunsail Eagle Star). HOD 35: 1 P Scholfield (Zarafa); 2 P Bruce (Owl); 3 Andersen Consulting (J Owen) (Andersen Consulting). Sigma 33: 1 J Bartle (Sloop John B); 2 P & F Diamond (Sixes And Sevens); 3 S Sault (Hooligan). Contessa 32: 1 J Holloway, R & S Patton (South Haze); 2 R Rouse (Blanco); 3 N Bradley (Merak II). Mumm 30: 1 M Timbrell (Forza!); 2 M P Thorpe (King Louie); 3 L Browne & D Evans (Asterix). X-332 Yachts: 1 M J Ringers (Yellow Rose); 2 F Lognone (Britanny Ferries); 3 Leisure Management Int (Exabyte). International Melges 24: 1 S Col (Eurosail); 2 Financiere Rembrandt (T Poirey) (Ogygie VI); 3 S Simpson (Barbarians At The Ga). Hunter 707: 1 R M Mead (The Ant Hill Mob); 2 Mr Ashley Curtis (Sparkle); 3 Andrew Aldwinckle (Doh!). National Sonata: 1 Owens Family (Pianissimo); 2 G Palin (Crisis); 3 T Gorman (Missred). Sonar: 1 D Bates (Wisconsin); 2 C Pegna (Shrnk Proof); 3 R Perkins (Sonic Lady). Daring: 1 R Acland & S Jenkins (Damsel); 2 G Peckham (Dauntless); 3 R W G Syme, R E & R C E Richardson (Doublet). International Etchells: 1 P Ellis (Invader); 2 M Downer (Maverick); 3 B Dunning & M Keeping (Simple). International Dragon: 1 C C Caws, E E, C P & J Field, R C & N R Payne (Apalala); 2 F Van Beuningen (Hestia); 3 E S Fort OBE, M Payne & W Willet (Fortitude). National Swallow: 1 C Fisher (Migrant); 2 J Buckwell (Boomerang); 3 K Glover (Darter). Redwing: 1 M, D, R & N MacInnes (Avocet); 2 Mr and Mrs J Peel & E Peel (Quail); 3 K and M Benham (Paroquet). Solent Sunbeam:1 R Wickens (Danny); 2 A Stannah & R Kent (Jenny); 3 M Moss & M Law (Daisy). Seaview Mermaid: 1 N, R F C & A N Dobbs (Adastra); 2 B Few-Brown (Rosemary); 3 D G Rowley & P C C Hunter (Zara). International Flying Fifteen: 1 R & J Mander (Hoof Hearted); 2 R Palmer (Saffina); 3 N Herbert & T Hammick (Boffocks). X One Design: 1 S Jardine (Lone Star); 2 Major A Jardine & N Wise (Lucrezia); 3 J McGill (Lizz Whizz). National Squib: 1 P Donaldson & R Cheek (Buccaneer); 2 C Matthews & E Napper (Pure Genius); 3 C Gear (Red Admiral). Victory: 1 J Tremlett, J Lear & A Rawdon (Zinnia); 2 B Middleditch & P Cott (Steadfast); 3 D M Freeman & A Terry (Minx).