Boxing: Eastman's single blow earns belt

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It was not a great fight but in the end Howard Eastman connected with a perfect punch in the final round to knock out Richard Williams and win the vacant British Middleweight title last night.

Eastman, 36, regained the belt he first won eight years ago and also repeated an amateur victory over his life-long friend Williams. But there were few positives in a tedious fight. Williams never stopped trying to break Eastman but after four rounds it was clear his pressure tactic would have no effect and he tired.

At the start round 12 Williams knew that he required a knock out to win and he foolishly chased Eastman around the ring. Eastman moved away and counted calmly until he saw enough of a gap to connect with the one chilling right hand which sent his best friend crashing to the canvas for the full count of 10.