Boxing: Fate's right hand

What happened next after an appointment with Tyson
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Reggie Gross

Starched in a round by Tyson in June 1986, he had a promising record of 17 wins, four losses, but his career, and life, spiralled downward. High on heroin, he committed three brutal killings in September 1986 and was jailed for life. Curiously, he fought four times after the murders, losing three, including a defeat by Frank Bruno.

Frank Bruno

Lost twice to Tyson, the second defeat, in March 1996, ending his career. Bruno went into retirement, but it has not been altogether happy; he was divorced in 2000, and last year was sectioned under the Mental Health Act. He applied unsuccessfully for a licence to make an ill-advised comeback.

Mitch Green

Twice on the receiving end of Tyson's fists, the first inside the ring in May 1986, the second on the streets of Harlem in 1988, where the then-heavyweight champion broke his hand on Green's head. A feared ex-gang member in New York's dangerous suburbs, Green, 47, is scheduled to fight next weekend for the first time in two years.

Henry Tillman

Turned professional after winning gold at the 1984 Olympics. The American had a record of 20 wins, four losses when he fought Tyson in June 1990. He was knocked out in one round in Tyson's first fight since losing to Buster Douglas. Two weeks ago he started a 37-month jail sentence after pleading guilty to federal identity-theft charges.

Carl Williams

Challenged Tyson in 1989 and was stopped in the first round, the fight before Buster Douglas exposed Tyson. Retiring in 1997 after winning 30 of 40 fights, he ran out of money. These days he works long hours as a security guard in New York, ever mindful of the mistakes he made.

Marvis Frazier

The son of Smokin' Joe had his fire extinguished inside 30 seconds against Tyson in July 1986. With that defeat his appetite for violence waned; he fought only three more times and retired two years later. These days he is a man of God, a Baptist minister who preaches to the needy and the incarcerated. His wife died at the beginning of 2002, leaving behind a heartbroken Frazier and two daughters.

Tony Tucker

Took Tyson 12 rounds in August 1987. Compiled a small fortune, along with a 58-7 record, retiring in 1998. Two broken marriages later, the 6ft 5in former world champion is scraping a living, and relegated himself to taking part on the Toughman circuit, up and down the Florida coast, where he now trains fighters.

Tyrell Biggs

A 1984 Olympic gold medallist, he was ruined by Tyson in seven sickening rounds in 1987. "Every time I hit him he cried like a woman," Tyson said. Once likened to Muhammad Ali, Biggs (pictured) has overcome a crack addiction and these days makes a modest living helping out in various gyms.

Trevor Berbick

Separated from his senses in the second round of his defence against Tyson in November 1986, he still has delusions of fighting again, a month shy of his 50th birthday. He has served various stints in prison, including two years for raping the family babysitter. Broke parole and left for his native Canada. Returned to the US and was deported in 1997. Now resides in Jamaica.