Boxing: Hamed back on offensive

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Naseem Hamed said yesterday that he is ready to take on the featherweight division following a 13-month break.

The former world champion has not fought since losing to the Mexican Marco Antonio Barrera in Las Vegas last April. But Hamed – looking relaxed in his new Sheffield gym – said his confidence has not been affected.

"Obviously it makes you think about what you should have done, but the fact is, deep down in my heart, I know I can beat Barrera. I know there is not a featherweight out there who I couldn't beat. Basically, I'm going to be gunning for every single fighter out there."

Hamed will relaunch his career against the Spaniard Manuel Calvo at the London Arena on 18 May. The fight was originally scheduled for 23 March, but Hamed sustained a back injury and the contest had to be postponed.

In New York, the former amateur champion boxer Mitchell Rose has filed a $66m [£46.8m] suit against Mike Tyson, claiming the former heavyweight champion permanently damaged his spine during a fight at a Brooklyn club last year.

Rose also seeks damages for his personal property, including a mink coat that Tyson "ripped with his bare hands" and punitive damages of about $50m.