Boxing: Harrison tries to revive career against Wiggins

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Tonight, in San Jose, California, Harrison fights for the 19th time when he meets reliable, but unspectacular Robert Wiggins, 36, over 10 rounds for the right to keep on boasting about a future that now looks increasingly less bright. There was a time when Harrison was watched live by audiences in excess of six million, but those days seem very long ago. In June 2004 Harrison, 33, decided his days in Britain were numbered and relocated to Las Vegas.

So far, Harrison has won all 18 of his fights but there have been few tests. The caution continues this evening against Wiggins, a southpaw like Harrison, in a fight that, for the first time, will not be shown on British television. Harrison will add another defeat to the four that Wiggins has already suffered. He will then throw his name in a bucketful of other hopeful heavyweights, none of whom can be considered as the real thing.