Boxing: Hatton 'scared' off

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Ricky Hatton, the World Boxing Union light-welterweight champion, has been told to "put up or shut up" by Mike Callahan, the manager of his challenger Eamonn Magee.

Callahan is furious at the cancellation of yesterday's press conference to announce the proposed summer bout in Manchester between the pair.

"It seems that Hatton just doesn't want to know and maybe Eamonn is going to have to look elsewhere," he said. "Eamonn is ranked five by the World Boxing Council and he could look elsewhere if Hatton keeps running scared.

"We were meant to be announcing the fight today but it's cancelled and that's certainly not down to us or Frank Warren the promoter," Callahan added. "So that only leaves one person and that's Ricky Hatton. I think he's having second thoughts. He had a war with Jon Thaxton over 12 rounds and Eamonn knocked Thaxton out in style last time out. Hatton has been saying he wants the fight – but actions speak louder than words."