Boxing: Macarinelli should retain world title

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It is possible that Enzo Maccarinelli is the least known of Britain's world boxing champions, but he is certainly not the worst.

Tonight, at the Newport Centre, Maccarinelli defends his World Boxing Union cruiserweight title against Estonia's Andre Kiarsten in the type of fight that, many years ago, would have simply been a 10-round supporting contest.

However, in the modern business of boxing, one that favours the fighters far more than ever before, it will be the main event and Maccarinelli is expected to keep his title in what will certainly be an entertaining few rounds.

Last weekend, Huddersfield's Mark Hobson won the British title at cruiserweight and at present Sheffield's Johnny Nelson is the World Boxing Organisation champion and arguably the best at the weight in the world. But that does not mean that Maccarinelli is an unworthy so-called world champion.

These days, boxers secure world title fights on a far more frequent basis, but only one or two of Britain's 22 current world champions can conceivably be recognised as the best at their weight in the world.

Maccarinelli, 24, is obviously not the best at his weight in the world, but he is never in a dull fight. He is powerful and vulnerable and that makes him extremely exciting to watch and good fights are what matters.

Modern promoters often complain that the sport's governing bodies are a rude necessity because TV companies, who provide most of the financial backing, insist on them. Maccarinelli should keep his title in front of his home fans and if his win is as exciting as some of his previous ones more fans will come to his next fight.