Boxing: Witter grinds through a stinker

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Witter missed with so many punches and lunged erratically at all times that it was difficult to recognise the man who was recently made the No 1 challenger by the World Boxing Council. But then again it does take two to make a fight worth watching.

In the opening three rounds challenger Colin Lynes looked like he knew that he would get knocked out if he dare take a step forward. It was truly awful and Witter's posturing as Lynes retreated with his hands high and his eyes wide only made the spectacle more distasteful.

During the last two rounds it was clear that the three judges had a difficult task on their hands. But when it was finally over they came up in favour of Witter by margins of 5, 1 and 4 rounds respectively.

Now Witter has to take part in a WBC eliminator to secure a lucrative payday in Las Vegas next year against the American champion Floyd Mayweather.