Amir Khan tells Floyd Mayweather to 'shut up and fight me' - while wearing Mayweather mask

The world champion has been filmed mocking the pound-for-pound king

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Amir Khan has told boxing's biggest fighter Floyd Mayweather to "shut up and fight me".

Bolton-born Khan has been chasing a fight with Mayweather in recent years, but has seen his requests ignored, with Mayweather's attention now on a possible fight with Manny Pacquiao.

In a tongue-in-cheek video produced by boxing suppliers RDX, Khan starts off with a serious interview talking about a potential Mayweather fight, before the crew surprise him by putting on masks.

He calls out the 37-year-old American, even putting on a mask of Mayweather's face. A wall that has 'Who are ya?' projected onto it is behind Khan, who is holding a was of money with the mask on.

Pretending to be Mayweather, he says: "I'm scared of Amir Khan, I don't want to fight him, I'm running scared."

He then breaks character, rips off the mask and says: "Shut up Floyd Mayweather and get the fight done. Come on, let's get it done, 2015. Everyone wants to see the fight so let's get it."

Unfortunately for British fans, Mayweather is unlikely to fight Khan with the possibility of two fights against the Filipino Pacquiao. Mayweather has already announced his retirement this year with one fight in May and one in September.

A mega-fight with Pacquiao has been on the horizon for a long time and although both are both past their prime, it could command a purse worth at least $300million (£197m).