Chris Eubank Jr: 'I'll stop Billy Joe Saunders if we have a rematch'

Saunders won by a split decision in middleweight clash on Saturday

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Billy Joe Saunders says he is happy to give Chris Eubank Jr a rematch, but only once he is world champion, while Eubank Jr claims he will stop Saunders if they fight again.

Saunders defeated Eubank Jr by a close split-decision in their WBO middleweight final eliminator on Saturday night, and Saunders says he will be happy to take on Eubank Jr once again.

"Even his brother said on the night: 'The best man won'," Saunders told BT Sport.

"As far as a rematch is concerned, that is not a problem with me. [But] at the minute I've got to fulfill my dream, and that's being world champion.

"[The rematch] can only get bigger. I'm a fighting man, and I'll fight anybody."

Saunders (right) lifts his arms in celebration at the decision

Eubank Jr, who finished the fight stronger, said that he will stop Saunders next time they fight.

"I proved my mettle in the championship rounds," Eubank Jr told BT Sport.

"I will fight the correct fight next time. I won't let it go to judges."

"It would be a disservice to the British public if we don't do it again."

Billy Joe Saunders and Chris Eubank Jr were speaking to BT Sport's 'Boxing Tonight' programme, to see the full interview watch BT Sport 2 from 10.00pm tonight.'