Tony Bellew post fight interview: Cruiserweight calls out David Haye after title defence against BJ Flores

The Liverpool-born boxer had to be restrained from confronting Haye by security

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Tony Bellew had to be restrained from a confrontation with David Haye moments after his successful defence of the WBC cruiserweight title against BJ Flores on Saturday.

The Liverpool-born boxer was prevented from coming face-to-face with Haye by security after securing a third round stoppage at the Echo Arena, having dropped Flores three times in the second.

Bellew wasted no time in seeking out Haye, who was in attendance to support his friend Flores, and almost squared up to 36-year-old heavyweight after slipping under the ropes.

After returning to the ring, Bellew gave an impassioned interview to Sky Sports and directly called out Haye, who watched on from ringside.

“You see him? He's been conning the British public since that pathetic comeback of his,” Bellew said.

"Listen to me right now. David, let's be totally honest brother. Those two guys you just fought, they're in town now. They're either working on nightclub doors or they're putting the bins away. Those two guys you fought last were a joke.

Those two guys you just fought, they're in town now. They're either working on nightclub doors or they're putting the bins away.

Tony Bellew

"And you're robbing everybody who pays to come in the arena. You predicted BJ was going to beat me, didn't you? He got smashed. And you see you, you’re going to get smashed too.

“I don’t care how big or how dangerous you think you are. We remember what happened when I was at amateur and you were fighting for the British title. Me and Pricey spanked you in the gym.

“With 10oz gloves on boy, I’ll put you and that pathetic haircut to sleep,” he added.

Bellew went on to label Haye as ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ and claimed that the former WBA heavyweight champion’s true level was the 200lbs category.

Bellew calls out Haye, who watches on from ringside (Getty)

“If the truth be known, he’s the same dimensions as me. I have a little bit more fat and he’s better looking, but the top and bottom of it is, he’s in his dimension at cruiserweight.

“He’s a cruiserweight. He goes to heavyweight because he loves the money and he loves big paydays.

“Well brother, I’m the biggest payday you can get hold of right now so bitch we better do it soon.”

Haye, in response, challenged Bellew to make the step up in weight division and claimed that a bout with the Liverpudlian would be an “easy night’s work”.

"Bellew has dynamite in his fists but would that work on me? I don't think so.

"He was taken big shots in the process [of beating Flores], his defence was leaky. Against me, that'd take one shot.

"I am a heavyweight for eight or nine years. If he wants to come up, it's an easy night's work.

"I'll probably knock him out with a jab. I could win the fight with one hand, just my left hand, I wouldn't even need my right hand."