Total Combat: What is boxing's answer to 20/20?

It begins on BT Sport tonight

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Boxing’s answer to 20/20?

Queensberry promotions have promised an evolution of the traditional boxing rules will hit TV screens tonight with the launch of Total Combat on BT Sport.

The eight-man elimination tournament takes place in a small, eight-sided, four-roped ring and will be decided by single six-minute round contests. With each round of the tournament the prize money on offer increases.

"We wanted all-out action," says Total Combat creator and boxing promoter Francis Warren. "The question was, 'How do we deliver that to the fans and give the boxers and incentive to participate?'


"The answer is knockouts, stoppages and money. It's viewer friendly and fighter friendly. The guys are getting rewarded handsomely for taking part and the audience gets all-out, toe-to-toe action.

"Safety was critical, we had to get it right and I'm glad to say that we did," added Warren.

The traditional Queensberry rules still apply to the format.

Total Combat premieres on BT Sport 1 tonight at 9pm.