Video: Boxer Vido Loncar brutally assaults referee following defeat

Vido Loncar launched a shocking attack on a referee during his European Youth Boxing Championships bout against Algirdas Baniulis

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A Croatian boxer appeared to be on the receiving end of a harsh decision after a bout at the European Youth Boxing Championships, but the simple process of declaring a winner soon descended into chaos after the loser launched a brutal attack on the referee.

Vido Loncar was given a standing count by the referee officiating his bout against Algirdas Baniulis of Lithuania, but despite appearing to compose himself – the original count was dubious anyway – the referee called off the fight deeming Loncar not in a fit state to continue.

Clearly enraged by the decision, Loncar returned to his corner where his trainers removed his clothes.

But the referee called the two boxers back to the centre of the ring to declare a winner, and Loncur saw the moment as a chance to take out his frustration – by viciously knocking the referee to the floor with a right-hook.

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Loncur didn’t stop there though, as he continued the assault on the defenceless man as he lay prone on the canvas. Baniulis, having just beaten Loncur, decided he wasn’t going to hang around to stop the attack he sprinted away from the ring in a true act of cowardice.

Thankfully a number of official, trainers and observers rushed into the ring, and Loncar has his feet swept from underneath him before being quickly dragged out of shot.

The referee was eventually helped to his feet by those who had come to his aid.