Carl Froch v George Groves II: Groves promises he will win IBF and WBA rematch with a left hook

The challenger made the prediction in the final press conference today

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George Groves has predicted exactly how he will win his fight with Carl Froch at Wembley on Saturday night.

Froch is defending his WBA and IBF world super-middleweight titles once again in an eagerly awaited rematch following his controversial victory last November. But at the final pre-fight press conference, Groves said: “It’ll be the left hook that finishes Carl on Saturday night. Anyone who has watched the media workouts will know we’ve been working on left hooks – the left hook will work.”

What time is the fight on?

Froch responded dryly: “I better pick that right hand up then and get it by my chin.” The animosity between the fighters has grown to fever pitch after referee Howard Foster’s ninth-round stoppage, which Groves claims was unfair given his dominant display, including dropping the Nottingham champ in the opening round.

“I 100 per cent know I can go 12 rounds – I could have gone 12 rounds the first time,” Groves said. “That’s why we’re here right now, why it’s being called unfinished business – we’re picking up where the last fight left off.”

Froch, 10 years older than the Londoner at 36, retorted by saying: “I’ve proved I can perform at the top level. I mix it with the elite boxers in the world.

“I’m bringing that confidence and that experience with me on top of being in absolutely unbelievable shape, which will allow me to perform at my best for the whole duration of the fight if necessary. But I’m convinced this fight won’t go the distance.”