De La Hoya wins sixth world title

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Oscar de la Hoya added his name to the shortlist of fighters competing to be recognised as the best in the world when he won the World Boxing Council light-middleweight championship, which is his sixth world title in a fifth weight category, in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

In the past De La Hoya has been accused of not wanting to fight but on Saturday he was too good for Javier Castillejo, of Spain, and, after 12 repetitive rounds, all three judges voted 119-108 in his favour. The final bell saved Castillejo when he was knocked down with just five seconds left on the clock.

The win completes a short course in manufactured redemption that De La Hoya undertook after losing to Shane Mosley last summer in a fight he was also expected to win. De La Hoya's perfect record had been lost the previous summer when Felix Trinidad edged him and after both defeats his courage was and commitment was severely questioned.

"Now I'm back, I have silenced some doubters and I have the power to control the issues," De La Hoya said. "I know I need a big fight to change the way I'm perceived and I want to make history."

At the MGM on Saturday De La Hoya looked far more aggressive than he has done and he praised his trainer, Floyd Mayweather Snr, with whom he has worked since March.