Equestrianism: Fredericks goes clear to deprive Hoy of his big pay day

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Lucinda Fredericks had been singing the praises of Headley Britannia since the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials began on Thursday and the notes became even sweeter yesterday when she received the first prize of £45,000 after a clear show-jumping round on the game little chestnut mare. In the process, Fredericks deprived a fellow Australian, Andrew Hoy, of the big pay day that had been on the cards since his victories at Lexington in Kentucky and Badminton earlier this year put him in line to collect the $250,000 (£134,000) reward for the Rolex Grand Slam if he could win here as well.

Hoy was gracious in defeat after Moonfleet, who was in the lead after both the dressage and the cross-country, dropped to second with three jumps down. "The number of people who have come to me this weekend to wish me well have left me feeling a humbled man," he said. Having also finished fifth on Mr Pracatan, he said it was "great to have two in the top five". And, though the pay-out could have been much more, £44,000 for the two places was not to be sneezed at.

Shane Rose added to Australia's success by finishing third on All Luck - one place ahead of Cressida Clague-Reading, who became the best Briton with Carousel Quest.

Fredericks' clear round on "Brit" (the first mare to win here since Captain Mark Phillips on Maid Marion in 1973 ) was the day's second treat for the huge crowd. They had earlier roared when Zara Phillips (the newly-crowned world champion) paraded in the main arena on Toytown.