Equestrianism: Victory for Butterfly Flip as Whitaker takes third

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Malin Baryard-Johnsson outpaced her opponents to win last night's Moondarra Christmas Stakes on Butterfly Flip here. The Swede beat Germany's Markus Beerbaum on Constantin and Britain's Michael Whitaker on Portofino.

John Whitaker will be aiming to win his 84th car in 28 years on Monday, having qualified for the final of the Ride and Drive yesterday, winning the first heat by just 0.07sec. Yesterday Whitaker jumped a nifty clear round on Lacticto narrowly defeat Harrie Smolders from the Netherlands.

Zara Phillips, the 24-year-old daughter of the Princess Royal, had a busy day. Having received the British Equestrian Writers' Association Trophy as Equestrian Personality of the Year, she collected another award from the Sports Journalists' Association before returning to Olympia for the presentation to her mount Toytown, who became the THB British Equestrian Event Horse of the Year.

The London International Horse Show (Olympia): Welcome Warm-Up: 1 For Fun (M Ehning, Ger) clear, 49.00sec; 2 Prima Vera (R Whitaker, GB) 49.43; 3 No Time (F Sloothaak, Ger) clear, 50.89. Shelley Ashman, THB and Equine Risk Welcome Speed Stakes: 1 Candela (H-H Engemann, Ger) clear, 42.57sec; 2 Gerry Maguire (R Smith, GB) clear, 43.36; 3 H&M Tamina (M Baryard-Johnsson, Swe) clear, 44.14. Ride and Drive (Heat 1): 1 Lactic (J Whitaker, GB) 58.40; 2 Rodenburgh's Indiana (H Smolders, Neth) 58.47; 3 Malibu (G Puck, Aut) 60.02. THB British Equestrian Event Horse of the Year: Toytown (Z Phillips).Moondarra Cjhristmas Stakes: 1 Butterfly Flip (M Baryard-Johnsson, Swe) clear 33.93; 2 Constanin (M Beerbaum, Ger) clear 35.06; 3 Portofino (M Whitaker, GB) clear 35.25.