Hockey: Scotland are made to wait

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Scotland's women were made to wait at the European Indoor Nations in Padova yesterday before they could celebrate their return to the A Division.

After beating Switzerland 3-2 and Slovakia 4-2, thanks to second-half goals from Cat Semple and Elaine Brierley, Scotland moved a point clear of second-placed Poland, who had yet to play their final match against Ukraine. A win would have seen Poland rather than Scotland advance to the A Division, but with Ukraine 5-2 in front at the interval, Scotland's chances looked good. A strong second-half fightback from Poland put the result in doubt, but Ukraine hung on to win 7-5, triggering the start of Scotland's celebrations.

In the play-offs for next season's Indoor National Leagues, Havant and Lansdown qualified for the women's Division One, while Birmingham University and Old Georgians clinched the men's places, the latter with a 9-4 win over Harleston Magpies.