Hull fans urged to sign code of conduct

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Hull are urging supporters to "sign the pledge" in an effort to repair the club's tarnished image in the wake of the pitch invasion at Huddersfield on Sunday. The club has organised a rally at The Boulevard and hopes that thousands of fans will commit themselves a code of behaviour that promises that they will "never, ever, encroach on the playing area" and "outlaw, once and for all, any foul, abusive or racist chanting".

The fans' charter, to be launched at noon on Saturday, also aspires "to make The Boulevard a place for families and away supporters to feel welcome". The Hull chief executive, Shane Richardson, said: "We have been inundated with calls from fans who want to show that it wasn't the real Hull we saw at the McAlpine. This is an opportunity for families to come and make a stand that they will never tolerate this behaviour again."

Hull will learn their punishment next Thursday, but Richardson does not believe that they should be expelled from the Challenge Cup next season, a sanction that was immediately suggested by the League's chairman, Sir Rodney Walker. "That would be blaming us as a club completely for what's happened," he said. "I don't see what throwing us out of the competition would achieve."

Richardson also rejected suggestions that the club should be forced to relocate back to Gateshead, its home last season before the take-over of Hull. "We moved from Gateshead because we couldn't afford to stay," he said. "Who would pay for us to go back?" The club plans to announce a new signing this week, to replace the forward Rob Roberts, who has joined Halifax.

Bradford are seeking more tickets for the Challenge Cup final after selling their allocation for Murrayfield on 29 April. That could prove difficult, as Leeds are also close to selling their quota and the Rugby League ran out some time ago.