Ice Hockey: Young called 'a disgrace' after assault on officials

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League officials have promised a full investigation into an incident during the British National League match between Hull Stingrays and Dundee Stars at Hull Arena on Sunday night when the Stars captain, Scott Young, appeared to strike both the referee and a linesman after being sent off.

Young was ejected seven minutes from time on a five-plus-game slashing penalty before picking up a match penalty for abuse of the officials. The Canadian defender then completely lost his temper, leaving the penalty box to confront the linesman Marco Coenen and the referee, Paul Staniforth.

Describing the incident, Coenen said: "I just can't believe it happened. No player in any sport should lay hands on the officials. I have worked over a thousand games in more than 10 years as an official and I have never seen anything like this before. It is simply a disgrace to the player and a disgrace to the Stars.

"As soon as I told Young in the penalty box he had to leave the ice he just completely lost it," he added. "Before I even realised what was going on he punched me on my chin trying to get by me and when I got up from the ice he had already punched the referee as well."

The BNL general manager, Gary Stefan, yesterday said: "Obviously we are aware of the alleged incident and will be writing to Dundee Stars this morning to ask for their player's comments. We will then review the video tape evidence, review the referee's report and carry out a full investigation into the situation."

The League's director of officiating, Bob Bramah, added: "There is a video of the match which will come to me in the next couple of days. We are awaiting the referee's report but due to the seriousness of the allegation, I have asked both clubs to submit a written comment by Thursday and have also asked Scott Young for his views."

The Stingrays owner, Mike Pack, admitted the incident was "unfortunate" and confirmed: "As far as we are concerned, it will be handled by the British National League, the players and the officials involved."

While the Stars coach, Roger Hunt, refused to make any comment about Young, his Stingrays counterpart, Rick Strachan, was left stunned. "In all my time in ice hockey I have never seen anything like that and I don't know what will happen," he said.