Kingfisher follows Sill south-west

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Both the leader, Roland Jourdain's Sill, and second-placed Ellen MacArthur's Kingfisher have turned south-west as a series of Atlantic depressions approaches them 2,000 miles from the finish of the third leg of the EDS Atlantic Challenge from Portsmouth to Baltimore.

Strong winds which delayed the final Atlantic leg of the Tour de France à la Voile from Ile d'Oleron to Bayonne eventually led to its cancellation. The 38 Mumm 30s will now be taken by road for the start of the Mediterranean stages from St Cyprien on Monday.

The Mumm 30s also joined their 52ft, 45ft and 40ft big brothers in the One Design Regatta off Cowes yesterday.

Louis Brown's Asterix notched up three straight wins. Nigel Bramwell's Hawk added two more wins to his opening three in the 45s and Tony Buckingham's A Bit of a Coup was a double winner in the 40s. Honours in the 52s were even between David Lowe's Loco and Kit Hobday's Bear of Britain.