Amir Khan eyes Las Vegas for Lamont Peterson rematch


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Amir Khan insists he would prefer his rematch with Lamont Peterson to be at a neutral venue rather than in the UK.

Bolton fighter Khan lost both his WBA and IBF light-welterweight world titles in a controversial split decision defeat to Peterson in the American's native Washington at the weekend.

The 25-year-old was unhappy about referee Joseph Cooper's decision to dock him a point on two separate occasions for pushing, as well as the judges' scoring of the bout, and his team are making official complaints to the relevant authorities.

Whatever the chances of that leading to the result being overturned, Khan still wants to meet Peterson again early next year.

Initially there was talk about it taking place in Britain, but the Lancastrian has since expressed doubt about that prospect.

And after the injustices he felt he suffered in Peterson's back yard, Khan says a neutral venue - such as Las Vegas - would be a better option anyway, as there would be much less room for speculation about one fighter being favoured over the other.

"We want the rematch just to settle the score, and this time somewhere neutral - maybe Vegas," Khan said.

"I don't think he will come to the UK. I'm happy to fight him early next year, either March or May, and I've left it to Golden Boy [Promotions] to get that fight for me.

"I think anywhere but DC will be perfect! I'd rather not have it in the UK anyway - when I do beat him, I don't want him to think the same thing that happened to me happened to him.

"I want it to be somewhere neutral, with neutral judging and refereeing.

"All we want is fair fights - that is what boxing wants, because when fights don't happen fairly, it puts the whole thing on a downer and is bad for the sport."

Khan had hoped to move up to welterweight after the Washington contest with a view to taking on the likes of the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr - plans he is now having to put on hold, and which he is adamant he was not preoccupied by in the run-up to the Peterson clash.

"We were focused on Lamont Peterson 100%," Khan said.

"We knew it was going to be a tough fight and we didn't look past it.

"My ambition is to fight someone like Floyd Mayweather and that will probably be the highest point of my career.

"That is still there for me - he is the guy out there to beat and that is still what we want to do.

"But whoever is put in front of me, 100% I am focused on that opponent."