Bizarre TV ad promotes 3DTV to sports fans

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Sony is preparing a huge European push for 3D TV during this summer's World Cup broadcasting schedule. Though the campaign is timed for a 2D TV debut of June 11, the day the soccer tournament starts, the technology company has been spreading the video online in order to pique interest.

The campaign, called 'Maybe it's time to buy a 3D TV', runs in a fake 3D style, creating the illusion that 3D glasses are required to view it properly. Intercut against shots of a team training session gone wrong are scenes of excited young women, a grimacing bodybuilder, a sportscar and a shattering trophy cabinet, before Brazilian footballer Kaka shoots into an empty exploding goal.

Regardless of the commercial's aesthetic qualities, electronics giants are champing at the bit to sell 3D technology to consumers, and Sony will be making the most of in its position as one of only six top-tier official FIFA Partners in order to do so.

The company is to provide 3D video cameras for the event, while broadcasters BSkyB and ESPN both have 3D channels ready for the start of the World Cup. In addition, Sony is in charge of the official World Cup 3D Blu-Ray film, and is planning to show 3D tournament highlights in 1,300 Sony Stores across the continent.

Sony are among manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, and Panasonic talking up the prospect of bringing 3D TV to market in 2010 following public enthusiasm for 3D cinema. The tech will be integrated into high-end TVs, retailing from €1,000, which is why the leveraging of enthusiasm surrounding global sporting events has become crucial.

Various high profile sporting events have already recieved the 3D treatment, such as golf's US Masters and tennis's French Open, but the FIFA World Cup's mainstream appeal identifies it as a potential tipping point to cement 3D TV's presence in the home.