Boxing: Arum turns back clock to Ali years

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Bob Arum was the promoter of the last fight at Yankee Stadium in New York 34 years ago when Muhammad Ali retained his heavyweight world title in his third contest with Ken Norton. Arum is back tonight with Miguel Cotto's bold attempt to beat Yuri Foreman and win the World Boxing Association light-middleweight title in front of an anticipated crowd of 30,000.

"Something dastardly happened on the night of the Ali-Norton fight when the police in New York went on strike," recalled Arum. "I had sold over 30,000 tickets but had made plans for 128 tellers to be on duty to sell tickets, and I expected about 20,000 to walk up; Ali was a massive star.

"The police went on strike and the thugs came out and were taking watches and even the typewriters from journalists. Only eight people paid on the night. New York's a much nicer place now."