Boxing: Haye promises to be Valuev's best prepared opponent

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David Haye has insisted that he will not add his name to the long list of heavyweight challengers from the past five years who have lost and then claimed that they had no idea the champion was so tall.

Nikolai Valuev, who Haye fights for the World Boxing Association title in Nuremberg tomorrow, is the tallest of the three recognised world heavyweight champions at 7ft, but the Klitschko brothers are not far behind at 6ft 6in for Wladimir and 6ft 7in for Vitali.

"I keep hearing fighters moaning about the height and weight of the champions, acting like it is a surprise," Haye said, "but I know I'm the best prepared fighter to ever a share a ring with Valuev."

In January the Briton first started using sparring partners of 6ft 7in or more, and for this fight he has introduced martial artists to master the grappling that Valuev likes.