Boxing: Klitschko keen to 'punish' Chisora


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The WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko says he wants to fight Dereck Chisora again – so he can knock him out.

Klitschko said that he knew he didn't need a rematch, "but my ego, something deep inside, tells me quite clearly that I still need to give this man real punishment. I want to knock him out in the ring."

However, Klitschko's manager, Bernd Boente, has ruled out a rematch. Klitschko beat Chisora on points in Munich on Saturday, but the win was overshadowed by the challenger's conduct outside of the ring. It culminated in a post-fight brawl with former WBA champion David Haye, for which the 28-year-old has apologised.

Haye's trainer, Adam Booth, says the former world champion has no intention of meeting Chisora in the ring, despite the pair's brawl. "David is still retired, he has no plans to fight again," Booth said.

Haye continued yesterday to evade German police, who admitted their hands were tied for up to a fortnight as they try to find him. Haye tweeted: "Jetting off to warmer climates. Its PARTY TIME!". He then posted a picture of himself in a first-class aeroplane seat.