Boxing: Klitschko weighs in heavier than Haye

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Ukrainian Vladimir Klitschko weighed in 30 pounds heavier than Britain's David Haye on the eve of Saturday's world heavyweight reunification title fight.

Klitschko, the WBO, IBF and IBO world champion, tipped the scales at 243lbs (17 stone 5lbs) while Haye, the WBA champion, weighed in at 213lbs (15stone 3lbs).

The two men stared each other out before Haye broke away to tell Sky Sports News he was in great shape before the fight at SV Hamburg's home ground where a 57,000 crowd is expected.

"Its the first time I got on the scales for a long time," Haye said. "I wanted to make sure I was eating perfectly, healthy, organic, homegrown, I am very happy with my weight, this is my ideal, perfect fighting weight."

Haye added: "I don't think I'm getting under his skin. I think he genuinely thinks he's going to win this fight. He genuinely thinks I'm an annoying little Englishman that he's going to squash."

Klitschko is four pounds lighter than for his last bout against Samuel Peter in 2010, while Haye is 2-1/2 pounds heavier than in his last fight against compatriot Audley Harrison last November.

Klitschko, who has been the target of Haye's "trash-talk" in the build-up to their fight since both men arrived in Germany, said he was not put off by Haye's jibes and the Briton had not riled him.

"I've been called a dead man walking before. But this dead man keeps walking..." he said.

"And you know what? It's okay the way Haye talks and represents himself, and I'll definitely enjoy the fight.

"I've been involved in this for the last two years and David Haye has been around, talking a lot, and now it is time for the talking to end."

Klitschko added that he has enjoyed the atmosphere Haye has conjured up in the build-up to the fight, the biggest in the heavyweight division for years.

"I really enjoy being around David Haye, I really enjoy the press conferences and stuff because it's such an exciting time in my life.

"To have such attention, such an opponent and such a buzz around it. I'm actually not taking that much of it in."

Haye is convinced he needs to take control from the start, explaining: "The first round is going to be imperative. I've got to land my bombs and make sure he doesn't land his, plain and simple.

"I can't afford to get pumped in the face by his big jab. The plan from day one has always been to take away his asset, which is his jab. Take it away and dish out some of what I've got.

"I've beaten bigger guys than him before, I've shown I can stick to the gameplan. And that's what is going to happen again tomorrow night.

"I'm not leaving it to the judges, I've never left it to the judges. In Germany, particularly, the support he's got over here. I'm looking to take this guy out early."

Klitschko's brother Vitali, who could fight Haye if he wins on Saturday, said the fight was too close to call and no expert could predict the winner.

"It will not be an easy fight, and nobody in the world, no expert can predict the heavyweight decision where every punch can make the decision. Pay attention tomorrow night, it will be a big battle. Who will win, I think it will be my brother."