Boxing: Mayweather in row with security guard

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A security guard has accused boxer Floyd Mayweather Jnr of poking him in the face several times and threatening him over parking violations outside Mayweather's home, police said yesterday. Mayweather refused to speak to police officers called to his house to investigate the confrontation on Monday, but a misdemeanor battery report was taken and was being submitted for possible prosecution, said Marcus Martin, a Las Vegas police officer.

The guard told police that Mayweather had been involved in a dispute with homeowner association security officers over parking outside his home.

The guard, whose name was not made public, told police he was writing tickets for several vehicles parked improperly on the street outside Mayweather's home when the boxer threatened and attacked him.

"Mr Mayweather became agitated and came out of his house," Martin said. "When the guard rolled down the window, he poked the security guard in the face with his finger several times, according to the security officer."

Mayweather's lawyer did not return a call requesting comment.