Conor McGregor beats Dennis Siver with second round stoppage - then hurdles the UFC Octagon to confront champion Jose Aldo

McGregor will face Aldo in a championship showdown in Las Vegas in May

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The UFC was lit up last night by Irishman Conor McGregor after his thrilling victory over Dennis Siver at UFC Fight Night 59 – and he immediately jumped over the Octagon wall and rushed UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo to confront him head-to-head.

McGregor will take on Aldo in a Las Vegas showdown in May which will see the 26-year-old Dubliner become the first Irishman to fight for a UFC title.

He’s quickly establishing himself as one of the most entertaining, exciting and controversial figures on the mixed martial art scene, and fight fans are quickly warming to the 17-2-0 man they call ‘The Notorious’.

Certainly, his confrontation with Aldo – who responded by laughing square in the face of his opponent – will certainly help sell Pay-Per-View sales when the fight comes around.

Watch the video of the closing stages of the fight below…


McGregor had hoped that the title fight would take place in Dublin’s Croke Park stadium, but the deal could not be done and the pair will clash in Las Vegas instead.

McGregor has attracted a huge following due to his eccentric behaviour

McGregor hurdles over the Octagon wall to confront Jose Aldo

McGregor confronted Aldo immediately after knocking out Siver

Speaking  after his victory that saw him knockout Siver in the second round – with the German unable to defend himself once Notorious gained a full mount position up against the cage – McGregor admitted that he had no idea what he said to Aldo in the seconds after the end of the bout.

"I don't even know what I said," McGregor admitted after the fight. "I was trying to f*** with him. Tell him to get the spit bucket and spit-shine that belt because I'm coming for it."

25-1 Aldo laughed off the challenge though, saying: "He's just a joke and a court jester to me, so I laughed at him. I'm not really impressed."