Cycling: Landis told to produce evidence

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The leaders of the IOC and World Anti-Doping Agency said yesterday that if Floyd Landis has proof of doping by Lance Armstrong, he should back it up with concrete evidence.

"He has to bring proof that this is true. You can't condemn without proof," said the International Olympic Committee president, Jacques Rogge .

The WADA president, John Fahey, also said: "If he has evidence he should make it available to the USADA or UCI."

Rogge and Fahey spoke after Landis recently confessed to years of doping, and accused Armstrong of doing the same.

Armstrong has denied the claims by his former team-mate. "We have nothing to hide," Armstrong said at an impromptu news conference before the fifth stage of the Tour of California. "Credibility; Floyd lost his credibility a long time ago."