Cycling: Subpoenas issued in Landis doping investigation

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Grand Jury subpoenas have been issued to potential witnesses as part of the US investigation into fraud and doping charges involving Lance Armstrong's former team, US Postal.

The investigation was sparked after allegations made by former Postal rider Floyd Landis that organised doping, funded by sales of bikes, regularly took place during 2002-2004 – when Armstrong was at the height of his powers.

Armstrong has consistently denied the claims, questioning Landis's credibility, which he recently likened to a carton of sour milk: "One sip," he said, "and you know the rest is bad."

Cycling's top authorities have also said in the past that Landis's claims lack any factual basis, with the UCI's president, Pat McQuaid, telling The Independent in May that they were "the rantings of a very disturbed man".

However, the subpoenas would indicate that the federal authorities' inquiry, headed by one of their top agents, Jeff Novitzky – who handled the notorious Balco doping case – are at the least prepared to investigate Landis's claims in full.