Female BBC presenter receives offensive and sexist letter after she criticised level of women's sport given TV coverage and sponsorship

Emma Barnett put a photo of the anonymous letter on Twitter which was widely condemned for being sexist and ignorant

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A female BBC presenter has revealed the shockingly sexist letter sent to her by an anonymous person criticising female sport.

Emma Barnett, who presents BBC Radio 5 Live’s Hit List show on Sunday’s, posted a picture of a letter sent to her which launches a stunning attack on the level of female sport.

The letter was in response to a column Barnett has wrote the previous week, in which she highlight a sport-wide failure to provide coverage and sponsorship of female sport in this country. In the column Barnett said that “Women’s sport is stuck in a horribly vicious circle. The media don’t give it enough attention, as they don’t believe there is the interest.”

However, one reader clearly took exception to the comments and penned a response to her that was both sexist and offensive and labelled women’s sport “a joke” and involving “pony tails swaying, t*ts bouncing”.

The full letter, which can be seen below, read: “No one wants to watch women’s sport love, it’s a joke, pony tails swaying, tits bouncing, come on on get serious. Put em back in the kitchen where they belong and leave sport to the warriors of the species not the dykes.”


The letter arrived with no name or details of the person who signed it, and was widely condemned on Twitter for its sexist remarks.