Hockey player Mitch Callahan shares gruesome selfie following slapshot to mouth injury

Player's teeth had to be collected off the ice

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Detroit Red Wings hockey player Mitch Callahan has posted a picture of a savage injury he sustained during a match on Twitter. Looking at it will serve as aversion therapy if you're trying to quit an addiction to selfies.

*Warning - the photo is pretty gross*

Callahan left the ice during the first period of the Red Wings clash with Iowa Wild, after a rogue slapshot from teammate Ryan Sproul caught him square on the mouth.

The 22-year-old, who was already missing two front teeth, lay on the ice for about 15 seconds before being hurried off, covering his bloody mouth with a towel.

About four of his teeth were collected from around the goalmouth, before Callahan was rushed to hospital, but not before he took a cheeky selfie for his followers.

The incident proved hard for his teammates to stomach.

"I saw him come back (and then) I saw his teeth come back with him," right winger Trevor Parkes told Michigan Live. "Couple of us had some shaky stomachs after that."

That said it didn't slow them down, with the Red Wings going on to achieve an impressive 6-1 victory.