Hold The Back Page: 16/10/2010

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Squeaky bum time for...

Round-the-world sailors

If ever you doubted the magnitude of the achievement that is sailing around the world with little but waves, whales and a webcam for company, check out these stats: 700 people have reached Everest's summit, 518 have ventured into space, but fewer than 180 have circumnavigated the world solo.

Tomorrow, six adventurers depart La Rochelle in the annual Velux 5 Oceans race, where – the occasional toilet stop notwithstanding – they can expect to spend over 100 days at sea hoping not to be trailed by an albatross. Historically, only two-thirds of the sailors can be expected to finish – Chris Stanmore-Major, 33, is the British hope. Follow his first attempt at the feat at www.velux5oceans.com

We applaud you wholeheartedly

Franklin Lobos Ramirez

All the miners starring in Chile's underground version of Big Brother are worthy of the invite reportedly extended to them by Sir Bobby Charlton to go as guests of honour to Old Trafford. Señor Lobos, a former professional footballer nicknamed, slightly cryptically, "The Magic Mortar" would particularly enjoy it; but having been close to hell down there, maybe a trip to watch the Red Devils isn't the best idea. Surely Anfield would be a better option, if only to advise Roy Hodgson on how to get out of one great big hole.

And the stories you may have missed

Brett favre

It seems the American football legend and recent grandfather has found himself in hot water over a female reporter's allegations that he sent dodgy texts and a very revealing photo. The quarterback, who has started a record 289 consecutive games and has the sort of family-man endorsements once enjoyed by Tiger Woods, could be left on the sidelines this weekend as a consequence. Should we take such a high-handed approach to transgressions by our footballers? Eight of the England team who started against Montenegro on Tuesday have found themselves on the wrong side of the publicity fence at one time or another, whether it be for nicking a toilet seat, violence or good, old-fashioned infidelity.