Ice hockey player banned for 18 games after spearing opponent with stick and throwing helmet

Video: Edinburgh Capitals player Joe Grimaldi involved in brawl with Nottingham Panthers' Max Parent

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Ice hockey player Joe Grimaldi has been banned for a 18 games after a brawl in which he speared an opposition player and threw his helmet at him.

Edinburgh Capitals' Grimaldi attacked Nottingham Panthers' Max Parent in an Elite League match on 3 January.

The video shows Grimaldi knocking Nottingham player Evan Mosey to the ground at the blue line. The tackle angers Parent, who drops his stick and skates over Grimaldi to confront him about the challenge.

Grimaldi then spears Parent with a stick before taking his helmet off and throwing it at the Panthers man and then wrestling him to the groun.

Grimaldi was sacked by the Edinburgh Capitals after the brawl.

The Department of Player Safety for Ice Hockey reviewed the incident and cautioned Grimaldi for a check to the head as well as spearing, along with a major and minor penalty for fighting.

The Department said Grimaldi's actions "are not in anyway a hockey play and bring the game into disrepute" and that "these are all reckless actions, with an attempt to injure, and have no regards for the opposition player’s safety".