Inside Lines: How Goodhew makes sport sweet for schoolkids by chewing fat

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With Government cutbacks slicing even into grass-roots sports budgets, it is heartening how a commercial campaign led by the swimming legend Duncan Goodhew is having great success in getting primary school children away from their Playstations on to the playing field. The 53-year-old Olympic gold medallist – and founder member of the Bald is Beautiful brigade – is ambassador for the kids' coaching organisation Premier Sport, which has helped make sport more accessible to some 150,000 youngsters. He is taking his obesity-fighting programme, which features 21 sports (including darts and cheerleading!) on a nationwide roadshow and says: "We also encourage parents to make their children aware of the importance of getting them interested in sport." Curiously it is sponsored by the sweet maker Chewits but Goodhew insists there's no conflict. "All kids enjoy sweets and there is nothing wrong in that as long as they are sensible." For more details, visit

Chris cross with Seb

The enigma that is former boxer Chris "Simply The Best" Eubank has a new career as a designer of gentlemanly clobber in that mecca of male haute couture, Savile Row. He also has designs on London's Olympic Games but claims he has been snubbed by 2012 chief Sebastian Coe. "I put it to the man at the top, Lord Coe, that I am willing to give my services. I told him directly that it's embarrassing people asking me 'why aren't you involved?' They say I'm a non-conformist but I conform to everything that is decent. I was very surprised when he didn't get back to me. Be that as it may, he has done me a favour. It is a very large world and I thank him for making me think outside the box, which is why I am now in Africa and India, on the ground, helping to inspire young kids through sport." But Coe tells us Eubank is mistaken. "I am slightly perplexed. I remember the conversation and I passed on Chris's offer to our director of sport, who got in touch with him. Chris actually did some work for the Olympic Development Authority and was included in our film. I'm a great boxing fan. I love Chris. I think he is fantastic and I'm more than happy to sit down with him and discuss ways in which he can help us in the future. He's a terrific personality and could make a great contribution." Does that suit you, Chris? Coe jokingly adds: "However, if he's thinking of designing outfits for our 2012 team, I'm afraid Stella McCartney has beaten him to the punch!"

Warren's brain boxes

Eubank is bright but there's no doubt who is the cleverest in boxing – by name and achievement. Nathan Cleverly, 23, the European light-heavyweight champion, has collected his BSc with a 2:2 in Mathematics from Cardiff University, mastering the mysteries of Stochastic Models and Fluid Dynamics. This made it a scholastic double for the Frank Warren stable with the promoter's son George, 23, graduating from Manchester University with a 2:1 in Business Studies. He wants to go into sports management. "I've told him, steer clear of boxing," says Warren.