MUST WATCH: Downhill bike rider Marcelo Gutierrez crashes in streets of Mexico

Colombian rider suffered minor injury to his hands

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With a camera strapped to his head, downhill cyclist Marcelo Gutierrez has become a favourite for his seemingly death-defying rides down narrow streets and mountains.

The Colombian racer has battled narrow streets, dirt tracks and harsh climates, but this time Gutierrez, racing down the Taxco Urban Downhill circuit in Mexico, takes one turn too sharply and falls painfully off his bike.

A slippery corner sent the rider straight into the dirt on one of the fastest sections of the track – though fortunately, he came away relatively unhurt. The Colombian had a minor injury to one of the fingers on his right hand and is recovering well.  

Luckily, Gutierrez was able to avoid any spectators, walls or telephone poles, and merely landed at the foot of some concrete steps.

Watch it unfold in the video below…


It surely won’t be long until his next video.